Friday, July 21, 2006

Mismatched Hosts, Binding Drama and BTS 2006 Reconfiguration

Recently, for a frustrating reason, I had to unconfigure a BizTalk server located in the development environment at a client's site. Later, when reconfigured, I came accross an interesting error when I tried to redeploy some of the orchestrations:

Error 6 Failed to add resource(s). Change requests failed for some resources. BizTalkAssemblyResourceManager failed to complete end type change request. Failed to update binding information. The following items could not be matched up to hosts due to name and/or trust level mismatches: Item: 'APS.Search.GetChildDetails.Orch_GetChildDetails' Host: 'BTS_APS' Trust level: 'Untrusted'You must do one of the following:
1) Create hosts with these names and trust levels and try again
2) Re-export the MSI without the binding files and have a post import script apply a suitable binding file.

The symptom of my problem seemed basic enough- when the assembly was attempting to deploy to the BTS server it was utilising a prior binding file that was not configured properly to interact with the reconfiguration. I googled and google-grouped the error and came up with nothing. I assume that the binding file is embedded in the assembly somewhere, but where I do not know! What I did work out was how to solve the problem.

Presumably if you googled the error you just want the damned solution, so here it is- changed the strong key associated with the project and rebuild. This seems to remove whatever binding file was associated with the assembly and allows for smooth deployment, all things being equal.

So if you have any idea where this binding file is actually located, please comment as I'd love to know.